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The Growflo system The Growflo system

What is Growflo?

Growflo is a cloud-based ERP packed with all the tools a nursery needs to manage everything from growing to selling.

  • Easy to use
  • Powerful & flexible
  • Increases operational efficiencies
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Why Growflo?

Your ERP software shouldn't be difficult to use. On top of powerful ERP functionality is a clean, modern and intuitive interface.

  1. Powerful, yet simple to use.
  2. No user licenses. Unlimited simultaneous users.
  3. Deployments are fast, with zero training required.
  4. Cloud-based, so you have access from anywhere.
  5. Flexible. Each install is fully bespoke to each nursery.
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What do our customers think?

Lovania Nurseries
Nicholas GreenChapel Cottage Plants

"The Growflo team have produced a new ERP system that is completely bespoke for our company. It has streamlined the day to day running of the business and dramatically increased our efficiency as a result. This system is far more adaptable and user friendly than anything else on the market."

Porters Fuchsias
Natalie PorterPorters Fuchsias

"Switching to Growflo has removed a great deal of complication from our administrational process; offering our team a much faster, more user-friendly ERP which works far more intuitively than any other Horti-system we have previously encountered."

Barnsfold Nurseries

Tailored Solutions

Understanding the processes and problems

We take the time to understand how each nursery operates, what the processes are, where bottlenecks and problems occur, then we develop the software to address the issues.

A bespoke solution

No two nurseries operate the same. Although there are many similarities, operations tend to vary. Our approach is to embrace these individual challenges, bin the one-size-fits all model, and develop tailored solutions for each nursery. Growflo gives each nursery 100% of the functionality they need.

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We build to spec for each nursery.

Alan Brown Founder