Happy Plants case study

A leading supplier of high-quality pot and bedding to the garden centre market

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Happy Plants

Project scope

Develop enhanced capabilities, improve usability, add web shop sales.


Streamlined processes, new web shop sales, access to the system on the go.

Project overview

Happy Plants are a leading supplier of high-quality pot and bedding to the garden centre market and other nurseries across the UK.

A modern and sophisticated nursery operation is complimented by a progressive, technology-focused outlook from the senior team. Happy Plants saw the benefits of investing in information technology as well as mechanical technology, which led to them implementing Growflo.

The challenge

The team in Happy Plants knew some of their processes could be improved upon, but knew their system lacked the flexibility needed to create the desired efficiencies.

The solution


Entering orders manually from emails or faxes was time-consuming and resource intensive during peak season. The introduction of the integrated web shop reduced this overnight, with the bulk of orders now placed online by customers.


Previously, organising daily deliveries involved a lot of paper and a lot of error-prone management. Growflo’s innovative Shipping module (link to page) dramatically improved this process and removed the headache from managing it.

Bulk Actions

Being able to bulk send order acknowledgements, invoices, and delivery notes in an instant, resulted in huge time savings for office staff.

The result

Growflo's flexibility resulted in Happy Plants getting exactly what they needed in terms of functionality. In Growflo they knew they had a partner that they could discuss challenges with and have the confidence that the system could be tailored to accommodate their evolving needs.

"I use Growflo on the go all the time, mainly on my tablet. Having the ERP at my fingertips means I can check on how well certain products are selling, make amendments to orders or availability, distribute documents and answer customer questions without having to even switch on my PC. This massively improves the availability of information to our customers, meaning we can offer them a much better service for less legwork.

"It has proven especially invaluable throughout lockdown as it has meant that our admin team can immediately pick up and complete most of their work from home, making social distancing in the office far more feasible, plus allowing me to keep full visibility over what was going on, whilst also having an energetic two year old running around my feet!"

Natalie Porter
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