Cascade Tropicals case study

Indoor plant supplier to customers across the Pacific Northwest.

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Cascade Tropicals

Project scope

Implement a comprehensive ERP, Web Shop, and Android App to create efficiencies within the business.


Time savings across the business, improved processes, and an increase in staff numbers and sales without increased cost.

Customer story
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Customer story

Project overview

Operating for over 30 years, Cascade Tropicals prides itself on supplying high-quality indoor plants from leading growers across the US to customers across the Pacific Northwest.

The focus on quality is not limited to the plants. The business's success is mainly due to a highly efficient operation run with precision and care, with data and technology playing a significant role in decision-making and planning.

The challenge

When we first met with Andrej and his team, the business relied on a combination of spreadsheets, accounts software, and paper, so Growflo's challenge was implementing a new system to replace all those platforms. Additionally, both teams could see further efficiency gains from replacing some paper-based processes with a fully integrated App.

The solution

Over several meetings, the two teams worked on mapping out what the business needed from an ERP. To do this, the Growflo team spent time at the nursery understanding the pressure points and working on a solution that would bring the improvements Andrej required. The core ERP was customized to match the specific requirements, a new trade web shop was set up and integrated to give customers the ability to order online, a fully native Android App was developed to replace a range of paper-based tasks, label integration and automation improved the management and printing of labels, and Growflo was integrated with the accounts software.

The result

The ERP is the hub of all the business operations, with all critical business operations managed in one intuitive, easy-to-use system. With the majority of orders now coming from the mobile-friendly web shop, virtually no orders are now entered by Cascade staff, resulting in substantial time savings. And with customers able to view/download invoices and credits from the web shop, requests for copies of these documents have virtually disappeared. The App has transformed how Orders, Purchase Orders, Picking, and Shipments are managed in the greenhouses. With label printing and accounts software seamlessly integrated, the entire operation is fully connected in the cloud on Growflo.

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